My sister called me earlier to say she was going to come up and visit for a couple of days. She lives about four hours away and I only get to see her a few times a year. I’m looking forward to seeing her since I haven’t seen her since my thirtieth birthday this past fall. She’s three and a half years younger than me and although we weren’t very close when we were younger we’ve become very close in the last few years. I moved across the country, to the west coast,  when I was seventeen(I’ve since moved back East) and haven’t lived in the same town as her since then. Growing up we were sort of in our own worlds. Although my parents didn’t get divorced until I was a junior in high school they were sort of in there own world together. One of the mottos at our house was “children should be seen and not heard” and that was really the way it was. My sister and I kind of  had to rely on ourselves for a lot of life situations. I don’t feel as if my parents were really involved in our lives, which was really kind of sad. 

Anyways….back to the visit. My sister just went to Israel and I know she bought me some presents. Whoo Hoo!! Presents!!! Her visit will also be a welcome break to the monotony that is my life. Thankfully my house is not the usual disaster that is, which makes me less stressful about having someone here. I’m sure that we will have a good time, and it will be nice to spend time with a girl for a change. I’m not very close with my family and I also don’t really have many friends, especially ones that actually get me and my life experiences. Basically what I’m trying to say is “Yay, I get to see my sister!!!”