Well, my sister has come and gone. We had a nice time together. On Monday we went to the Goodwill and got two huge bags of things for only thirty dollars, what a bargain! We both bought many second hand books. I love books! I consider myself a complete book whore. Among the books we bought were some hippy books about health and living, Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” and a sewing guide(can never have too many craft books). Once we got home we laughed because although I’m not crazy about hippies I looooove hippy health books. Funny to think about.

What I consider to be one of my biggest scores was a pair of Banana Republic turquoise light-weight wool trousers. When I saw them on the rack I was a little confused because I have the exact same pair of pants and I thought I had maybe given them away and not remembered. However, they are one of my favorite pair of pants and I thought why would I do such a thing?  Then I realized that they weren’t mine and they were a couple sizes bigger than the ones I own. I was so excited!!  I bought the pair I already had about seven years ago for ten dollars at an outlet store. I am already tiny but they only fit when I am extra tiny so I can’t always wear them. I hurried to the dressing room and tried them on and they fit just great. Ahhhh, the little pleasures in life.

Last time I went to Goodwill I also found yards of  incredible blue linen type fabric. I am hoping to make some curtains for my kitchen out of it soon. I will try to put up some pictures of the fabric before I cut it up and also some of the steps of the project in the next few days. The fabric is really gorgeous and another bargain(can you tell I love myself a bargain?) 

My presents from Israel were also quite lovely. I great black and silver scarf and some great dead sea skincare products; she also brought me some hand-me downs from her closet and a great piece of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, sort of like a romper/teddie, but more romperish(is that even a word?) Hopefully I will find myself a man at some point in 2009 to wear it for, if not, well I’ll just wear it for myself under something nice.  Can’t wait to post some pictures of some of my great finds and my projects. good night for now….