So I thought I’d give online dating a try, I live in a small town without many options in the dating department, plus my sister has known people who are in happy relationships that started online. I had been registered at a free site for a while, but gave up hope after finding mostly guys in “open relationships” and other unattractive qualities. I had decided to hide my profile, but not cancel it, just in case I wanted to give it another shot.

Well, I couple of weeks ago, I thought I would take a look to see if there was anyone new I might be interested in. I quickly found a cute guy that lived about an hour away. He was online at the same time I was, so when I looked at his page it alerted him. He IM’d me through the site’s IM system and we briefly talked. I couldn’t stay online for very long so we exchanged AIM names and agreed to talk another time. 

The next time we communicated we seemed to get along quite well. We talked a little about our interests and music and other, ‘getting to know you’ stuff. He seemed humorous and interesting. After several times AIMing he asked if I would like to go out to dinner. We exchanged phone numbers with the intention of speaking the next day. I believe it was Sunday when he asked me out and figured out that Wednesday would work best for the both of us. He seemed really cool and I looked forward to speaking with him on the phone, and was excited about going on a date, which would be my first one in a looooong time.