So me and online guy (OG..he he) exchanged phone numbers, so we could talk before our date. Like I said before I think it was on Sunday. Monday OG called me. His voice wasn’t what I had imagined, he sounded very young and quite nervous. I am 30 and he is 25, but I usually don’t have a problem with younger guys. I just don’t want to turn into the 40 year old woman at the bar that tries to pick up much younger guys to make myself feel better. I think that’s sort of desperate and sleazy.

Anyways, I figured he was probably just nervous about meeting someone in real life that he met online. I could understand that, because I have never met someone from online either, it was sort of like a blind date. We talked a few times and it was kind of awkward, but I had already agreed to go on this date, so I felt it would have been rude to not follow through. I could tell he was inexperience with life in general from our conversations, but I still wanted to give him a chance. Maybe I was just being too judgmental. I also have a habit of pushing people away who seem too interested in me. Kind of silly , I know, but at least I am aware that it’s something I do. During one of our conversations he said to me “you’re awesome”, as soon as he said that I groaned in my mind. Just great, I thought, he likes me. When I told me sister what he said, she said “ohhhh noooo!”, lol, that’s *exactly* how I felt, oh no. I was really dreading the date.

So Wednesday (the day of our date) came around, and he was supposed to pick me up around 5:30 or 6. I watched him pull into my driveway and get out of the car. He looked cute and like the pictures he had posted, but he had something slightly effeminate about him.  He came in and met my dog and we soon left to go out to dinner. We went to a bar and grill the next town over. It was pretty empty, but out waitress seemed really nice and the menu looked good. I had never eaten there before, but had eaten at there other bar/restaurant in my town. I looked it up on the internet and they had a different menu than the one closer to my house, but it had more variety and had a less bar like atmosphere. 

Dinner was fine, but he didn’t really talk much and just seemed so young. I have had a lot of life experience and I feel like I need to be with someone that is similar to myself in that regard. Actually, the best part of the night was when I ordered a beer, and I knew the waitress was going to card me. I was reaching for my wallet and she said, “you knew that was coming”. I get carded all the time, but I told her that I bet I was older than she though I was. When she looked at my ID she let out a loud “Oh my god!”.  I laughed and she told me she thought I was 22, she was looking closely at my ID, inspecting it to make sure it wasn’t a fake. That made me feel really good. Back to the actual date, the food was ok and the conversation was a little forced. OG ordered a beer and barely drank half of it. When we finished dinner, the check came and I put down 20 dollars for my half. He asked me if he should pay for dinner, I said that I’d just pay for my half. If he would have insisted that he pay for both of us, I would have let him, but he didn’t. Then he didn’t really even know how much to tip her. The whole thing was just really weird. I like guys who are confidant and a little assertive, and OG definitely wasn’t either of those things.

As we drove back to my house I asked him if he maybe wanted to stop at a bar and get a drink, he said no. Ok, I thought. It’s not like I want to go out with an alcoholic, but what 25 year old guy doesn’t want to grab a beer. We went back to my house and watched some tv. He asked if I had any tea I could make him. So I made us some tea and around nine I told him I was going to go to bed, so he had to leave. I hugged him goodbye and he said “maybe we could go out again sometime”. I said maybe, and that was the end of out night. 

I will finish up with what happened after our date in another  post. He just came across as very young, and very needy. Our communication after the date reinforced  those things even more.  I knew he was not the type of guy I was looking for, or would want to go out with. The date wasn’t a disaster, but it just wasn’t right for me. I need someone a little more sure of themselves, with more life skills/experience and not so young seeming. Oh well, at least I gave it a shot.