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Okay, I’ve been up since 7:30am which is really early for me, I know, I sleep pretty late usually. I have a doctors appointment later today at an ear nose and throat doctor. I have always thought I broke my nose when I was about 14, and have a bump on it. I also have sleep issues and snore quite loud(so I’m told). I also have thought maybe I have sleep apnea, which is when you stop breathing while you sleep and your body has to make sure to wake and tell yourself to breathe. It may not wake you completely, but just enough so you never reach deep sleep. When I went to my primary doctor last month he looked in my nose and said I have a deviated septum and may have broke my nose, and it may cause breathing problems at night. He gave me some nasal spray and now I’m of to the ENT. We’ll see what he(or she, I’m not sure) says.

Since I was up early I got on Polyvore again and made another collage, this one was more artsy and I used colors that sort of went with my blog theme. I liked the one I did yesterday, but I thought it clashed when I looked at it on my blog. I’m not sure if this one turned out as well, and it might be a little messy, but whatever. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think : )


I have chronic pain and this has been one of my worst months. Maybe it’s all the snow and wet weather but whatever it is it really blows. A couple of weeks ago my dog completely took me out. I decided to take him for a long walk on a nice day and go to pick up my cell phone that I forgot at work the previous night. I knew it was probably a bad idea to bring him with me, but I did anyways. The night before my lower back had these terrible pains so that every time I moved in my bed I was letting out little yips because it hurt so much. So I decide the next morning to take my overly excited rambunctious large dog out with me. I thought I would just take my walking stick/cane for added support. Now, I’m only 30, so when I use it I always feel like a cripple, it’s sort of embarrassing , but when I’m with my dog I just pretend like I’m some sort of sporty hiker.

Well, several blocks away from my house we round the corner and there is a guy walking his pit-bull. I have absolutely nothing against pit-bulls, I really like them, but this dog was just as excited as mine was. His owner was visibly stressed and trying to wrangle his dog away from mine. My dog weighs probably only 20 or so pounds less than me so when he wants to go, I’m screwed. We were walking in the middle of the street because there weren’t any sidewalks in that area and even if there were they would have been impassable because of the snow. As soon as he realized it was another dog, I went flying. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty either. My dog got away from me and he and the other dog were in each others faces snarling and barking at each other. As soon as I got up I dragged him away and around the corner. Then… another person and their dog appeared. I got my dog settled down and he sat nicely as the other dog and owner came by. 


I then got my self together and hobbled home. I still had to walk to my job to get my phone because I don’t have a land line and that is my only phone. So now, not only did I look like a cripple with my walking stick, I was walking like one too. One good thing came out of the fall , I think it knocked my back into place because I really haven’t  had that sharp pain since then. Or it could be that my whole body pain distracted me from the back pain, who knows. I was also all skinned up like a little kid. 

Well, now I’m getting over that injury, but my shoulder is really been driving me nuts. I feel like as one thing gets better in regard to my health, something else flares up. It drives me crazy!!!!! (like I need any help in that department)

All I have to say is:   Hurry up Summer!!!!!

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